Having the gall, but no gallery…

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Show and tell. This was a memorable activity in my school days. Bring in an object or share an experience with the other classroom children: standing up front in the class, by the blackboards, heart racing with adrenaline and shared something that interested and excited me. Questions rose in the minds of the audience, and answers were provided. A fulfilling cycle of communication on a topic I enjoyed. That made an impression – share interests and passions with others.

But as time passes, we put away such childish things. The adult emphasis to internalise ones pride and sense of accomplishment or base thrill of something dulls the senses and leaves one as an island in the great sea of Humanity, unable or unwilling to connect with others, especially in so sensitive an area as ones predilections or choices in Art, Expression and Comment.

Inner voices are hard to ignore. They present the truer self, more closely aligned to ones aspirations and goals than the exterior self on show for the masses. And my inner voice articulates my urge to regain my childhood avenue of expression. My Art, my Vision, my Expression – to share them is to be truer to others as never before in my adult life; openness of my inner expressions in this way seems to satiate an appetite for therapy and closure.

How: how to make real this desire to share with others when no formalised avenues of display or space for ones Ideas and Insights can be attained – who am I to ‘get wall space’ when I am a single unknown voice? Fame and money open doors and recognition: I have none. Cultural gatekeepers selecting and parsing ones oeuvre to filter and dilute the offerings and messages and feelings cannot be permitted. The experiment that is No Gallery offers a way forward, and one that I am delighted to be associated with.

In the coming weeks, sooner rather than later, No Gallery will attempt to make the communication of individual artists possible: a democratised presentation of the Emotions through their chosen mediums. What will happen is unwritten, like any good adventure. Rather than ‘watch this space’, No Gallery aims to make you ‘watch your space’ for unfolding events.

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