DIY Art Stands V0

Jul 20, 2011   //   by Mei   //   Behind The Scenes, Blog, Mei  //  No Comments

I’ve been thinking about how to display the next batch of frames we use for a No Gallery show. I thought of making cardboard stands and I’ve had a go at a prototype. (The marks inside the stand in the pictures are because I made this from some scrap paper that had something already printed on one side”.

This version is printed on photo paper which in the current design is a bit flimsy but still surprisingly strong. The advantage of using photo paper is we can print directly onto it and then simply cut around the design, and we can print the photo title/information at the same time. That’s what the rectangular panel at the front is for.

I think if I found some slightly thicker paper, enlarged the plaque area and made some of the bits, particularly the part that supports the lower edge of the frame, wider, then this may be strong enough.

A disadvantage is a piece of tape is necessary to hold the rear edges together. I thought of making some kind of tongue and slot but I don’t think the thin photo paper is sturdy enough to support that and make a good join.

The stand works in both portrait and landscape orientation.

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